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Hi, I'm Sam - welcome to Kia Kaha Yoga!

I have always had a passion for health and fitness, with a background in personal training and teaching fitness classes. I've practiced yoga for many years to complement my endurance running and can't wait to share the benefits with you! 

In my experience yoga improves strength of body and mind, first and foremost by forging a strong connection between the two; bringing the athletes awareness to their physical wellbeing in a mindful way that can be brought back into their sport and their lives. 

My yoga focusses on performing the physical poses (asana) in a physically challenging but accessible practice that applies principles from modern sports science .   

In my class you can expect to learn about your body and how regular practice of yoga can lead to improved performance, through improved flexibility, mobility, strength and mindfulness.  

You don't need any prior yoga experience but there are no short cuts in my class - you need to do the work and the results will follow!


Sam Jones 




21st Oct 19!


This practice will increase strength and stamina both physically and mentally as well as improving mobility and flexibility. Although the class aims to be physically challenging and will be aimed at runners, cyclists and other sports people; there will be a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a wide range of levels and experience.  Focussing on how to be mindful in every act you perform and on connecting to your breath and conscious will prepare you for your sport (and life!) off of the mat.  You will be encouraged to respect exactly where you are, whilst exploring your edge between enough and too much.

I offer 1:1 private yoga sessions that focus on your individual goals, fitness level and experience.  You can expect guidance, encouragement, alignments, modifications and time to learn the poses and develop good technique. Specific goals for mobility, flexibility, strength or guided relaxation can be set and worked towards. If you're new to yoga and want to learn privately before joining a class, have specific goals in mind or simply want to spend more time being mindful and focussed on you, 1:1 sessions can be tailored to your needs.


"Amazing! I never thought that Yoga was my thing, especially as a runner - boy was I wrong!
I've had a crick in my neck and after weeks of pain, woke up this morning with no aches - truly amazing.


I realise now, the benefits of yoga and would honestly advise anyone to give it a go.


Thank you Sam Jones and Kia Kaha Yoga"

-  Paula